Tuesday, March 27, 2018

WebDesign: iFrames (or Inserting Other HTML) (W12-P5) [VID]

What are inline frames or iframes?

They are another a way of inserting or embedding "another HTML page within the current page. This is done using an inline frame, or iframe element. The iframe element accepts the URL of another HTML page within the src attribute value; this causes the content from the embedded HTML page to be displayed on the current page" (Howe).

You can use iframes to insert (or embed) YouTube videos* and Google maps into a web page.

How do you insert external html into a web page using iframes?

* Note that you don’t have to do this “by hand”. YouTube can simplify the process and generate the iframe code for you. This is how I insert videos into this blog. Check out this video for how to embed YouTube videos into your web page.

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