Monday, November 5, 2018

MediaTheory: International Communication: Definitions and Issues (W11-P1) Fa18

There are activities (things that happen in the world) and there are fields of academic study.

International communication can be seen as both an activity and a field of study.

International Communication: “simply defined, is communication that occurs across international borders, that is, over the borders of nation-states”(Fortner).

International Communication: “a field of inquiry and research that consists of the transfer of values, attitudes, opinions, and information through individuals, groups, governments, and technologies, as well as the study of the structure of institutions responsible for promoting or inhibiting such messages among and between nations and cultures”(Mowlana).

List major global issues (“controversies”) relevant to an understanding of international communication.

  • Communication, TDF (transborder data flow), and National Sovereignty
  • Increasing Concentration & Transnationalization
  • Deregulation and Privatization
  • The “News Values” Controversy (Biases in News) - see video below
  • Media Imperialism (Anglo-American Dominance) - see W11-P3 post
  • Communication Policies / Codes of Ethics for Media Practice
  • Protection and Licensing of Journalists
  • The Status of Women in INC
  • “New World Information and Communication Order” - see W11-P4 post

Biases in International News Coverage

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