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MediaTheory: New World Information & Communication Order (NWICO) (W11-P4) Fa18

America's Problem with UNESCO Pt. 1 

America's Problem with UNESCO Pt. 1 (2012)

Now some background, some context, some history.

New World Information and Communication Order” (NWICO) [a.k.a. NWIO].

  • By the early 1970s many nations see the strong need to alleviate/lessen the problems related to international communication (see issues/controversies covered previously). They call for NWICO. They seek a new world policy.
  • Controversy about controversies. Debates about the debates.
  • Problem dealt with mainly within UNESCO.
  • "UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) – contributes to peace and security in the world by promoting collaboration among nations through education, science, culture and communication in order to further universal respect for justice, for the rule of law and for the human rights and fundamental freedoms which are affirmed for the peoples of the world, without distinction of race, sex, language or religion, by the Charter of the United Nations."

The Mass Media Declaration calls for “free flow and a wider and more balanced flow of information.”  Declaration was passed, but will to implement was weak.
Begins to unravel. Western gov’t & media concerned.  Agreed that MacBride Commission to study world “communication problems.”
Western press lobby groups and U.S. press begin to play a stronger role.  Influencing U.S. gov’t.
U.S. (Reagan administration w/ influence from the Heritage Foundation) withdraws from UNESCO
UNESCO’s stance of NWICO wavers.  NWICO dead?  We have a New Order but it is “the order of the advanced industrialized nations” (Mowlana).

2002: UNESCO welcomes back U.S.A.
2011: U.S. withholds funding to UNESCO [video]
2013: U.S., Israel lose voting rights at UNESCO over Palestine row
2015: The United States' Reelection to the UNESCO Executive Board
2017: US withdraws from UNESCO [video]

If you are interested, America's Problem with UNESCO Pt. 2 (Daily Show, 2012)

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