Monday, April 1, 2019

MediaResearch: Surveys: What Are They And How To Do Them. (W13-P1) Sp19

What is a survey? 

A research method in which respondents representing a specific population are asked questions concerning their knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors (based on FBFK).

Scholarly use: e.g., correlational design.

Types of applied use: e.g.,  political polls and market research (e.g., Nielsen)

What are the general steps in constructing and giving a survey?

  1. Identify the purpose of the survey
    1. What is the ultimate purpose of a survey in a research study?
  2. Determine who to ask and what to ask.
  3. Write survey
  4. Give survey
    1. Let participants know if there are any risks.
    2. Let participants know their rights.
    3. Right to not participate, to stop participating, etc.
    4. Thank the participants.
  5. Tally results
  6. Report results

What information should be included on a survey (excluding survey questions)?

Title: A Study of Social Media Use by College Students
Who: Dr. Hart, Department of Mass Communications & Journalism
Where:  Norfolk State University, Norfolk, VA
Any Questions: Send to Dr. Hart
Statement of Purpose:
This study seeks your opinion about methods courses for a research study. Your responses are anonymous.  Thank You.
Rights: In addition, if for whatever reason you do not feel comfortable responding to any or all items, please leave it(them) blank.

To be continued...

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