Tuesday, October 18, 2016

InterculturalCom: Cultural Identity and The Debut (W9-P1) Fa16

The concepts of cultural identity and cultural identity development are illustrated well in the film, The Debut.

Besides helping us to understand cultural identity, the film also allows us to learn about some Filipino culture.

Here are some Filipino cultural literacy to learn from the film.
  • Tagalog: a key language of the Philippines  
  • Barkada: peer group
  • Oo: yes
  • Singkil: "the stick dance"
Collectivism/Individualism Through Dance 
See this video I posted on YouTube.  How does it relate to the film?

The above clip is from I'm Normal, You're Weird! Understanding Other Cultures. This was an excellent teaching resource.  I wish that it was released in some form on DVD.

The film also shows some Filipino values:
  • Family/Group (Authority)
  • Food
  • Education/Success

Lastly the film gives a sense of the Filipino "Time Orientation," how time is used.

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