Thursday, October 6, 2016

MassMedia: Print Media: Storytellers (W7-P1) Fa16

People who work in media are, for the most part, storytellers.  Whether we are writing a print news story, a novel, a children's book, a non-fiction book, a commercial, a song, a comedy skit, etc., we are telling stories in some form or another.  We are storytellers.

What are the common components of a story?

  • Writer of story
  • Characters in story - hero, villain, etc.
  • Setting(s) - where the story happens
  • Plot - what happens in the story
    • Conflict - internal or external
  • Dialogue - what the characters say
  • Exposition - information about character, setting, etc.
  • Premise - what is it about
  • A moral or theme - the lesson of the story

Does a novel have all of these components?  A children's book?  A print news story?  You may not call it "plot" in a print news story, but it is there.  What about a song or a commercial?

Do you see the story components in this trailer of the film adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are?

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