Wednesday, October 19, 2016

MediaTech: Cell Phones and the Consequences of Tech: More on Digital Divide (Rogers) (W9-P4) Fa16

Why is there a digital divide?  There are many answers to that, but one way to look at it is to see it in the context of the diffusion of innovations.
Put another way, 
  • those with cash can afford to get the costly innovation.  Price usually higher at first.  
  • Change agents (in this case: marketers, advertisers, sales people), focus on those people with the cash.  So, maybe only those with the cash, learn about the product.
  • Those with cash, tell those with cash.
  • If those with cash get adopt the innovation, then they benefit from it.  Imagine when cell phone just came out.  Those who could afford to buy the cell phone had advantages over those people who could not afford it.  Maybe those with cash can more easily get there business phone calls and then make even more money. Those who did not have the cell phone missed that important business call and lost the money.
  • Imagine this process repeating again and again.  The gap between the two groups widens.  

How to fix this gap, this digital divide?

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