Tuesday, November 14, 2017

SocietyMassCom: How to Design a Game (W13-P4) Fa17

Let's design a game.  No, not a full-blown game.  Think a basic plan.  A draft.  An outline.
Are there certain types of games that you like to play?  Perhaps you have an idea for a game like the types of games you play?

How do you design a good game? What are the components of good game design?  Let's see what we need to know and then we'll design a game.

Game design: "the implementation of a story or gameplay idea into a playable form" (Crash Course).
It includes the "art, programming and writing that goes into a game."

Early in the game design process there may be sketches and pencil and paper versions of the game.  Think of this as the early drafts.

Basic building blocks of game design:

  • Space: "the sound, the lighting, the color, and the physical space" of the game.  The environment in which the game is played.
  • Components: "the objects that exist in the space and are used to play the game."
  • Mechanics: "involve what the player can actually do in the game, so think verbs."  The activities that the player can do within the game.
  • Goals: what the players are trying to achieve.
  • Rules: "help players understand how to play the game."  They define the game. 

Missing component:
Story: the characters and plot of the game.

So, now let's develop a draft of what is called a game design document.

In the game design document, give your game a title and this describe the each of the building blocks of the game.  It might be helpful to start with goals.  You might also find some sketches helpful.

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