Tuesday, January 23, 2018

DigPhotog: Apps for the Dig Photog Beginner - Flickr, Instagram & Pinterest (W3-P3) Sp18

As beginning digital photogs, there are obvious apps and online services that you should be familiar with and should be using.  Apps and online services like Flickr and Instagram come to mind.  You can use Flickr and Instagram to show off the photography skills you are learning.

However, a little less obvious app/service that you should be using is Pinterest. Pinterest can help in two key ways.  It can help you collect and share photographs from around the web that you like.  It can also help you specifically collect photographs from photog mentors that you should have.  Unlike Flickr and Instagram, Pinterest is designed to help you collect other peoples photos.

In his book, The BetterPhoto Guide to Digital Photography, Miotke suggests that beginning photographers should keep a visual notebook.
"One excellent way to define your goals is to keep a collection of images that inspire you. You could simply write down a list of photo ideas, but as photographers are generally visual people, it’s usually more effective to collect pictures. Subscribe to magazines or visit the library. Look though catalogs, books, and Web sites like BetterPhoto.com—anything with the kind of photographs you enjoy" (Miotke)
I agree.  However, we can use Pinterest and update Miotke's idea of a visual notebook.

There are also photo editing apps/services, but we'll get to those later.

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