Monday, January 29, 2018

More Secrets of Academic Success: Mnemonics and How to Use Them Sp18

Earlier I shared a variety of secrets to academic success (methods of studying, etc.) and I suggested learning tools like Quizlet.

Below is a continuation of that same conversation.

mnemonic is "any learning technique that aids in information retention" (Wikipedia).
Mnemonic is pronounced like 'knee-monic' (think: a demon with really big knee caps).

There are several mnemonics or memory tricks that can help when learning new material.  The first video below defines and explains six tricks (acronyms, acrostics, the PEG system, image mnemonics, chunking and memory maps).

So, according to the video:
  • acronyms: "word or term is created from the first letter of each item to be remembered.
  • acrostics: "a complete sentence or series of words in which the first letter of each word stands for something to be remembered."
  • PEG system: "is useful for remembering numbers - uses key words which are represented by numbers."
  • image mnemonics: "the information to be recalled is constructed in the form of a picture that enhances memory."
  • chunking: "involves grouping individual pieces of information together in a way that makes them easier to remember."
  • mind map: "a visual pattern that can create a framework for improved recall."

Now, the last video covers the memory palace technique (my favorite).

How could you use the above memory tricks to learn course material or anything else you need to learn?

Study smarter, not harder.

If you are curious, you can find more information about mnemonics on YouTube and Google.

I'd especially suggest these two YouTube videos:

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