Tuesday, January 30, 2018

DigPhotog: Can't Leave Composition Behind: How to Use in Video (W4-P1) [VID] Sp18

We've previously talked about photo criticism and photo composition, the artistic aspects of photography.  We'll very soon move into the technical aspects of photography.  However, before we take a look at the tech, let's take one last look at composition.  This time will not look at it in still photography, but moving photography.

The "rules" of composition that you learn for still photography can also be used in your video work.

Note that when shooting video on your smart phone or tablet, the rules of composition still apply. And now that you are adding more time and movement to the shooting of a subject, you can do some interesting things with the still photography rules of composition.

Note the four rules of composition that can be used in video work which are discussed below.

After you learned about composition in still photography (rule of thirds, framing, etc.), did you start to spot those same rules being used in your favorite TV show or movie?  If not, look for it the next time you are watching TV or a movie.

Take, for example, the Tarantino film, Kill Bill.

Just focus on the rule of thirds.  How often do you see the rule of thirds?  How is it used?

Now, you try it.  Go to YouTube (or another video source) and look for clips of a favorite movie.  See how many rules of composition you see being used.  Besides the rule of thirds, what else do you see?  Framing?

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