Sunday, September 23, 2018

MediaTheory: Critical Thinkers and Scientists/Theorists (W2-P3) Fa18

Curiosity is one of those aspects that drive theory building.  What are other important aspects?  How does the idea of critical thinking fit in?

One way of defining a critical thinker is to identify some of the traits of a critical thinker, a critical thinker's creed, if you will.

The Critical Thinker’s Creed

  • We are Open-minded.
    • We seek to understand other viewpoints.
  • We are Knowledgeable.
    • We offer opinions/claims backed with logic and evidence.
  • We are Mentally Active.
    • We use our intelligence to confront problems.
  • We are Creative.
    • We break out of established patterns of thinking and approach situations from innovative directions.
  • We are Independent Thinkers.
    • We are not afraid to disagree with the group opinion.
  • We are Curious.
    • We go beyond superficial explanations. We seek deeper understanding.

O-K-M-C-I-C   [What's this?]

So, a critical thinker is a person who follows the creed above (or some similar creed)?
Do you follow this creed?

Would a theorist need to be a critical thinker?

Note: The creed above is based on a section of Chaffee's The Thinker's Way

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