Monday, September 24, 2018

MediaTheory: History and Interdisciplines (W6-P4) Fa18

When talking about the history of a field of study and especially the beginnings of that field of study, a key term should be discussed.

Interdiscipline: "a field of scholars who identify with various disciplines but share a common interest in a theme that crosses traditional [academic] boundaries“ (Littlejohn). 

If we want to get metaphorical, we could think of an interdiscipline as an oasis.

Oasis: "A fertile spot in a desert where water is found" (Oxford Dictionaries).

An oasis (public domain image, Wikipedia)

What is the relationship between an interdiscipline and an oasis?

At what point in the historical development of a field of study does the oasis or interdiscipline ideas fit in?  When was communication study/media study an interdiscipline?  The beginning?  The middle?  Now?

The beginning, especially.  Why?

Another question: Early in the study of communication/media where did the theories come from?

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