Monday, September 24, 2018

MediaTheory: In Honor of Everett M. Rogers (W6-P5) Fa18

I teach many of my courses in of honor of Ev.
He was my professor, adviser, co-author -- and my mentor.  He is missed.

Everett M. Rogers (1931-2004)

Ev was a noted scholar in our field.  His key contribution to the field is his book

Ev also had a keen interest in and an appreciation for the history of our field.  Out of this interest and appreciation, he wrote

Now, let's a little of Ev's story through a video.
"Ev Rogers was a leader in the development of the communication field. His early research focused on diffusion of innovations, opinion leaders, and the adoption of new ideas, concepts that framed much of his work throughout his career. He is remembered as a gifted teacher, a generous mentor, and a prolific scholar, with more than thirty books and hundreds of articles in publication at the time of his death in 2004. Importantly, Ev Rogers was a change agent, who sought to use scholarly research to advance policies and practices that improved peoples' lives. This documentary features rare footage taped just prior to his death, exploring his early life on an Iowa farm, professional choices, love of teaching and research, and ideas about diffusion. Writer/Producer: Glenda R. Balas, University of New Mexico; Videographer/Editor: Jason Balas, University of North Texas."

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