Monday, October 1, 2018

Media Theory: Uses and Gratifications Theory and Social Media (W7-P2) Fa18

Uses and gratifications theory shifts things around.  Instead of looking at the effect of mass media on individuals (e.g. hypodermic needle theory), it looks at how individuals use media. The individual takes a more active role.

So, what are some ways, according to the theory, that we use media?  The above video states the 5 following uses: (1) Information and education, (2) entertainment, (3) personal identity, (4) integration & social interaction and (5) escapism.

Yes, much of uses and gratifications theory was developed before the advent of social media, but is it still applicable?  So how could uses and gratification theory be applied to social media?

Let's take a look at this student YouTube video that explores this question. 

Also, how are you using social media right now?

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