Monday, October 15, 2018

MediaTheory: Agenda Setting Theory and Paradigms (W9-P2) F18

Earlier we talked about Thomas Kuhn's ideas of paradigms, paradigm shifts and how theories grow and change of time, i.e. how they evolve.  In our look at agenda-setting theory, let's see how Kuhn's ideas apply to the development of agenda setting theory.  

But, first let's start with a good grasp of the basics of agenda-setting theory.

Did you spot the parts of paradigmatic history just in this short video?

Rogers, E. M., Hart, W. B. & Dearing, J. W. (1997). A paradigmatic history of agenda-setting research. In S. Iyengar & R. Reeves (Eds.). Do the Media Govern?: Politicians, Voters, and Reporters in America (pp. 225-236). Thousand Oaks: CA, Sage Publications.

Could you tell the paradigmatic history of agenda-setting research?  What would be on that list or timeline?

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