Tuesday, February 27, 2018

DigPhotog: "Blurry" Background Photos - Depth of Field, etc. (W8-P1) [VID] Sp18

You like those "blurry" background photos?  Would you like to be able to take this type of photo?

The beauty of Depth of Field
Photo by yashh .   Used under Creative Commons.

If so, you'll need to control the depth of field in your photograph and in order to control depth of field, you'll need to better understand aperture.

Depth of field is "the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appear acceptably sharp in an image" (Wikipedia).

For a partial introduction to depth of field and some other topics, check out the following video from Jared Polin and his YouTube channel "Fro Knows Photos."

As a follow up to Polin's explanation and visuals, let's see the first part of the following video (0:00 to 1:45 or so).

Stop on the side-view image in the video at about 1:40.  Use the image to get a grasp of the phrases of "narrow depth of field" and "wide depth of field" which you may hear photographers sometimes use.

What do these two phrases mean and what is the difference between the two?  When you are using a wide depth of field, what is in focus in your photograph?

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