Tuesday, February 13, 2018

ResearchMethods: Topics, RQs & H's: Directionality with RQs & Hs (W6-P3) Sp18

What is meant by directionality in RQs?
  • Non-directional wording:
    • e.g., There is a relationship between the IV & DV.
    • No positive or negative relationship between IV and DV stated, just that there is a relationship.
  • Directional wording:
    • e.g., As the IV increases the DV decreases.
    • A positive or negative relationship between IV and DV is given.

Now, let's test some comprehension of directionality and other material covered recently.

Give me an example RQ or H for each of the following four descriptions.

  1. RQ, Ordered IV, Non-directional
  2. H, Nominal IV, Non-directional or “two-tailed”*
  3. RQ, Ordered IV, Directional or "one-tailed"*
  4. H, Nominal IV, Directional

* “One tail, two tail, red tail, blue tail” – Dr. Seuss

Which of the following examples fit the above four descriptions?
  • What is the relationship between age and intercultural sensitivity**?
  • Intercultural Sensitivity is greater for Chinese than U.S. Americans.
  • There is a difference in IC Sensitivity between men and women.
  • Is there a positive relationship between age and intercultural sensitivity?

“Two-tailed” same as non-directional
“One-tailed” same as directional

"I hope they never lose their sense of wonder and discovery." Who said that? What was he talking about? How's that fit with the Critical Thinker's Creed?

Directionality and "tails" will surface again later in discussion of some statistics.

** Think of intercultural sensitivity as the opposite of prejudice. Think of it as a score that somebody would get on a survey that measures intercultural sensitivity.

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