Tuesday, February 20, 2018

WebDesign: The Box Model and Web Design (W7-P2)

box model: a web design concept in which "every element on a page is a rectangular box and may have width, height, padding, borders, and margins... There are several properties that determine the size of that box. Each part of the box model corresponds to a CSS property: width, height, padding, border, and margin."

CSS Tutorial for Beginners - 17 - CSS Box Model Part 1

Next parts of video series on box model

Online HTML, CSS & JavaScript Editor

The CSS Desk site can be used to try out the HTML and CSS code.  The HTML and CSS code is in the comments section of each of the videos.  Copy and paste the code in to the CSS Desk site and play around with the code.  Get a good sense of what each line of code does.

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