Tuesday, February 27, 2018

WebDesign: Intro to Positioning (W8-P1)

One way to learn a new concept is to relate it to something you already know.
One way to learn about positioning in CSS is to relate it to word wrapping in Microsoft Word.

In Microsoft Word (or other word processors), if you have a image in your document, you can have the words wrap around the image.

Similarly, you can have words wrap around a text box.

Word wrapping in Word is similar to the concept of floating in CSS.
We'll look a floating in CSS next, but first, let's make another point about the value of MS Word in Web Design.

If at this point in your website design, you've only sketched out your planned site by hand, you can now start to put the content and the design into a Word document. I'd suggest using a table in Word to continue your design in Word.

Try it. Set up your table. Insert your content (text and images). Do some word wrapping. Start in landscape orientation. Use the table to align and position parts of the page. Use color. At the end of the process, turn off borders of table cells to see what your page will look like.

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