Thursday, September 15, 2016

MassMedia: Research Questions (RQs) & Hypotheses (H) (U4-P4) [VID] Fa16

Research question (RQ): "An interrogative statement exploring the relationship between two or more constructs [concepts, variables, etc.]" (Stewart, 2002, p. 173).

In short, is there a relationship between one variable and another?

In the past I asked students to offer research questions they had a serious interest in answering.  Do the student examples below fit the definition?  Any problems you spot with the examples?

  • "Does visual stimuli, or auditory stimuli, in advertisements positively affect a consumers buying behavior, meaning will the consumer be inclined to buy if a stimulating message is communicated across one of the two communication channels."
  • "Is there a positive (or a negative) relationship between the amount of violence communicated in cartoons?"
  • "Is there an increase in female orgasms in relationships related to the increase in communication?"

What are the types of variables?
  • A variable is any concept that takes on two or more values.
  • Two types:
    • Nominal: Categories
      • e.g., gender, profession, race, nationality, etc.
    • Ordered: Takes on numerical values
      • e.g., age, IQ, a prejudice score, time in conversation, etc.
What's the difference you spot between nominal and ordered?

Note: We'll add other types later, but this will work for now.

Could you generate some RQs based on the variables listed under nominal and ordered?

More importantly, based on the research topic that you identified earlier, what are some possible RQs you could ask?

When thinking of media-oriented RQs make sure of the following:
  • RQs are questions that can be answered using research methodologies. (Remember: Ways of knowing?)
  • RQs are related to media.  At least one variable/concept should be related to media.

Now, that we've got a grasp on an RQ, what is exactly is an H?  They are related, right?

Hypothesis is a tentative statement about the relationship between two or more variable (the dependent and independent variables).
Null hypothesis is a statement that says there is no relationship between the research variables.

How are RQs and Hs similar?  How are they different?

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