Wednesday, September 28, 2016

MediaTech: Audio/Video Tech (Basics) (W6-P1) Fa16

Basic Principles/Science of Media Technology
  • "Broadcasting, cable, and new media make use of facsimile technology, reproducing sound and sight in other forms. The better the correspondence between the facsimile and the original, the higher the fidelity."
  • Transduction is the process of "changing energy from one form to another; it is at the heart of audio and video technology. Transduction can be analog—the transformed energy resembles the original—or digital—the original is transformed into a series of numbers."  Examples of transduction include energy going from physical energy to electrical, from light to electrical and from electrical to electromagnetic (radio waves).
At what point or points in signal processing does transduction occur for traditional (over-the-air) radio?

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