Wednesday, September 28, 2016

MediaTech: Audio/Video Tech (Basics): James West, the Microphone & the Signal Process (W6-P3) Fa16

The video below describes some technological inventions by African Americans.  The video mentions James West, Mark Dean and Gerald Lawson.

For our purposes here (media tech), let's give special attention to Lawson and West.

Lawson invented video game cartridges which lead to video game consoles (PlayStation, Xbox).

Now, let's especially focus on James West since his invention (the electret microphone) allows us to get back to the ideas of transduction and signal processing.

So, how does a basic microphone work?  What are the steps in the process?  Could you list them?

Now, lets breakdown that process a little further and see it in written form.
Next, go to this page and see specifically the graphic and text labeled "How a Microphone Works".

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