Wednesday, September 14, 2016

MediaTech: Innovation Adoption & Development: Winston's Model (W4-P3) Fa16

In his book, Media Technology and Society: A History From the Telegraph to the Internet, Brian Winston describes his model of technological development and diffusion.

Let's focus on the development of an early communication technology, the telegraph.


According to Winston's model a new technology starts (1) as an idea based on science and then (2) develops into early prototypes. As a technology develops it faces some social pressures ((3) does society see a need for it and (4) will powerful competitors or the government attempt to repress the technology?). The technology will then (5) diffuse through a society and may (6) spin-off related technologies.

The same process applies to the telegraph.  Did you see the process in the video clip above?

Let's highlight certain parts of this process.

See the Winston process in the Empire of the Air?

Source: Media Technology and Society: A History From the Telegraph to the Internet

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