Tuesday, November 22, 2016

InterculturalCom: Culture Shock: What is Culture Shock? (W14-P2) Fa16

When an individual enters a new cultural environment they may "suffer" to some degree culture shock.

Is it helpful to think of culture shock as a "disease" or to see it in a more positive light as a growth phase? 

Have you experienced culture shock?

This is a clip that I edited and posted on YouTube. I use this clip in my Intercultural Communication course to introduce students to culture shock. 

What is culture shock?
What are the "symptoms" of culture shock?
How do you lessen culture shock?  What is active and passive coping?

The instructional video that this clip comes from appears to be no longer available for purchase.  If you can find a copy available in a library, I'd recommend it.  Berry's comments are especially insightful.  The video was titled "World Within Reach."

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