Tuesday, November 15, 2016

InterculturalCom: Intercultural Sensitivity and Competence: Bennett's Model (W13-P2) Fa16

According to the Bennett model, as people gain more intercultural sensitivity, they move through a variety of stages starting with Denial and possibility ending in Integration.

In each stage, people express a certain mindset or way of thinking about cultural differences.  The mindset of each stage is expressed in the quotes below.  In the first stage what is being denied?  In the Defense stage what are defensive about?  In the third stage what is being minimized?  Continue this line of questions with the remaining stages.

Not that the first three stages are labeled Ethnocentric.  How does this relate to our previous definition of ethnocentrism?

Last question and perhaps most important question, what stage are you in?  Does that depend?  On what?

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