Wednesday, November 30, 2016

MediaTech: The Evolution of MediaTech: Genes (W15-P3) Fa16

Previous posts have offered theories for how technologies come to be and develop over time.  We've discussed, for example, Winston's model and we've discussed the Rogers' Diffusion of Innovations.  We now turn to our last theory -- technological evolution.

This theory is based on the biological theory of evolution.  One of the best explanations of biological evolution and the mechanism that drives evolution is found in Carl Sagan's Cosmos video series which was based on the book Cosmos. In the following video Sagan describes the process of artificial selection.  As you are watching this clip from Cosmos, be sure to identify and be able to explain the mechanism that drives evolution. Does this mechanism explain technological evolution?  Do technologies evolve?

Let's start first in Japan some time ago and the story of a drowned boy-emperor, a small crab and the idea of artificial selection.

Let's look at evolution in another way, noting especially the steps in the process.

Evolution is a process.  What are the steps in the process?

In this short clip the process is explained in a different way. Slow the process down and catch each step. It starts with organisms vary.

Now, instead of rabbits, what if we were talking about mobile phones or any other media technology?

Would the process be similar?  How so?

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