Wednesday, November 9, 2016

MediaTech: Internet/New Media: Winston's Model and the History of the Internet (W12-P2) Fa16

How much do you know about the development of the Internet and the use of computers as communication tools?  What do you recall from previous readings, notes and discussion?

Can you trace the development of the Internet using Winston's model?

What would a timeline (a list of events) look like for the development of the Internet as a communication tool?  How does the history in video below fit into Winston's model?  How, for example, does ARPANET fit into the history and Winston's model?

Starting with the late 1960s, what new communication tools appeared on the Internet?  Examples: What year did email first appear?  What year did blogs appear?

Zuckerman gives a good timeline (or list) in his brief talk.

What would you add to this timeline for more recent years?  
See the evolution of social media for the rest of the timeline.

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