Wednesday, November 2, 2016

MediaTech: TV Tech: The Evolution of TV (W11-P3) [VID] Fa16

We've covered a variety of theories that explain the development and diffusion of media technologies (e.g. diffusion and technological determinism).  Let's now start to add another to our list.  Let's start to look at how technologies evolve.  Are there similarities between the biological theory of evolution and technological theory of evolution?

First, briefly what is the theory of evolution and how might it be applied to the evolution of media technologies, like TV?  

How has TV evolved?  When watching this what changes do you spot?  What features change?
Is it helpful to think of media technology evolving?

Along with Winston's model, Diffusion of Innovations, etc., we've now added the evolution of tech as another theory that helps explain how and why media tech develops and spreads throughout society.  We'll cover a little more on this theoretical perspective a little later.

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