Tuesday, September 12, 2017

SocietyMassCom: Buckingham’s Approach to Being Media Literate (W4-P4) Fa17

According to media literacy scholar, David Buckingham, a media literate person should ask a certain set of questions when “reading” a media text.  He breaks up his questions into four areas: production, language, audience, and representation.

  • Within the area of production one would ask such questions as
    • "Who makes media texts?" and
    • "Who owns the companies?"
  • Within the area of language one would ask such questions such as
    • "How do media use different forms of language to convey ideas or meaning?'
    • "How is meaning conveyed through the combination or sequencing of images, sounds or words?"   [Think semiotics]
  • Within the area of audience one would ask such questions as
    • "How are media aimed at particular audiences?”
    • "How do they try to appeal to them?"
  • Lastly, within Buckingham's area of representation one would ask such
    questions as
    • "What is included and what is excluded from the media world?"and
    • "Do media support particular views about the world?"

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