Tuesday, September 5, 2017

SocietyMassCom: A Journey to Digital Land: Natives, Immigrants and the Divide (W3-P4)

Ever travel into a strange, new land, another country?  What did that feel like?

Culture shock: “anxiety, frustration, disorientation and stress one experiences when entering a new cultural environment.”

Rapid changes in the world, especially technological can make some people experience a similar feeling.

Digital native: “A term coined in 2001 by author Marc Prensky for a member of a younger generation who has grown up with and is consequently very comfortable using digital media and adapting to rapid technological changes” (Pavlik & McIntosh, 5th ed.).

Digital immigrant: “An individual who grew up in the analog media era and who generally has more trouble adapting to new digital technologies, despite perhaps a desire to use and understand them” (Pavlik & McIntosh, 5th ed.).

Future shock: the experience of "too much change in too short a period of time" which leaves a person feeling  "shattering stress and disorientation.”

Let’s continue with the geographical metaphors and look at another digital issue centering, not around being able to adapt, but just plain access to technology.

Digital divide: “The gap between regions and demographics that have access to modern, digital-communications technologies and those that have limited or no access” (Pavlik & McIntosh, 5th ed.).

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