Tuesday, September 5, 2017

SocietyMassCom: Media Convergence and Some Related Issues (W3-P5)

Convergence: “The coming together of computing, telecommunications, and media in a digital environment” (Pavlik & McIntosh, p. 8).

3 Types of Convergence

  • Technological Convergence: "specific types of media, such as print, audio, and video, all converging into a digital media form” (Pavlik & McIntosh, p. 8).
  • Economic convergence: "the merging of Internet or telecommunications companies with traditional media companies…” (Pavlik & McIntosh, p. 9).
  • Cultural Convergence: the merging of cultural groups.  More people from around the world sharing the same media experience, watching the same film, listening for the same music, etc.(Pavlik & McIntosh).

Global village: “the world viewed as a community in which distance and isolation have been dramatically reduced by electronic media (such as television and the Internet)” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

Media Imperialism: “the imbalance and inequality in flow of mass media materials between developed and developing countries, and its subsequent effect on the developing country’s society and culture”(Araby in Frederick,1994).

Can you develop another definition related more to the definition of imperialism above?

Western (American) Media Imperialism.
Q: What American values can be found in its media products?
A: Individualism, materialism, adventurism, etc.

What sort of impact could U.S. media have on other countries and cultures?

South Park video

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